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We are delighted to introduce  to you as a unique medium for securing additional reach to your potential market.
Just as the print versions in our stable, Nigeria Yellow Pages®, Abuja Yellow Pages® and GreenSheet® have remained the most comprehensive business directories in Nigeria and free advert paper respectively, Nigeria Yellow Pages Online® our web edition- promises to take your business to both national and international audiences.
We hereby invite you to add Nigeria Yellow Pages on the Web to your total media, strategy, for maximum effect, owing to its unique advantages which among others include:
  • Instantaneous access to a national and global audience through the World Wide Web.
  • Our online advert rates are modest and therefore highly affordable. For instance, an earpiece advert measuring 170 x 117 pixles on our Home Page costs N 150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) only. Each advert lasts for one week on our site.
  • Adverts placed on our site can generate instant feedback from your prospective customers, through designed to purpose polls and direct e-mail responses to your addresses and websites.
  • Flexibility of using still or animated advert designs/logos/icons, other corporate identities or a combination of them.
  • Same rates apply to both colour and black & white adverts when you use this online medium
  • Through negotiation you can vary your design formats and sizes to suit your taste and special needs.
For more information, please contact us by e-mailing and You can also reach us by phone on: +234-803 357 7706.
We therefore, invite you to publicise, and advertise your products and services through this medium, so that we can take your business to next level.
Please click here for our Online Advert Rates.
Warm regards.
The Management